Youth Creating Change places young people’s voices and creativity at the center of suicide prevention and mental health programming through a variety of programs and initiatives.

Youth Creating Change

When youth are at the center of their own well-being, change can happen.  Through the organization’s core initiatives, The Directing Change Film Contest and the Hope & Justice Initiative, young people are trained to recognize warning signs of suicide, apply healthy coping techniques, and how to seek help for themselves or a friend. 

Schools Creating Change

When schools and community-based organizations have the training, tools, and procedures they need to promote mental health and facilitate healing, belonging, and help-seeking, then more young people feel seen, heard, and safe to reach out for help.

Communities Creating Change

When communities share stories, art, and films created by young people our hearts and minds can begin to change towards more inclusive spaces where young people from all walks of life can feel connected and thrive.  When organizations and program planners commit to placing youth voice at the center of program development, true change can happen.  And when professionals,  entertainment professionals and writers align with effective messaging about suicide prevention and inclusive language, we are changing the conversations about these topics, breaking the silence, and moving them out of the darkness, into the light.

Help Us Create Change

As a non-profit organization we can’t continue to do this work without volunteers, partners and funders.  Please connect with us to about different ways you can support our work.