What We Do

Youth Creating Change places young people’s voices and creativity at the center of suicide prevention and mental health programming.

When youth are at the center of their own well-being, change can happen. When adults are inspired to listen, youth feel seen and heard. When schools and communities have the training and tools they need to facilitate healing and belonging through creative expression, safe spaces where young people can reach out for help emerge.

Why We Do It

Youth Creating Change is about helping young people work through personal stories of loss, creating stories of hope, and changing the story of a young person who is thinking about suicide.

How to Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with Youth Creating Change including joining our youth council, volunteering as a judge for our film or art contests, sponsoring a monthly prompt, using the youth-created films and art pieces to raise awareness, and partnering with us to bring the program to more schools and organizations.

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